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Fireweed Drills 4.56% Zinc, 17.34% Lead, and 145 g/t Silver over 8.6 m at End Zone

November 15, 2018

Zinc price - 1 Year 


  • Base metals are the most fundamental minerals produced for the modern economy, and metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, lead, and aluminum are the key components that support sustained economic growth
  • Precious and base metals such as gold/diamonds/platinum/zinc are expected to run short on supply within 20 years.
  • Fireweed Zinc’s Macmillan Pass Project is amongst the finest undeveloped Zinc mining projects in the world.

 Why Zinc?

  • After Copper, Aluminum & Iron, Zinc is the most commonly used metal by industry
  • The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing, which protects iron and steel from rusting
  • Brass fittings are used in Canadian households across the country in plumbing and heat exchange equipment
  • Zinc is used in alloys such as brass, nickel silver and aluminium solder. Zinc oxide is widely used in the manufacture of very many products such as paints,rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, inks, soaps, batteries, textiles and electrical equipment

Zinc Facts

  • Zinc makes up 70 milligrams of every kilogram of the Earth's crust, on average, according to the IZ- 
  • There's zinc in your pocket: Pennies are 97.5 percent zinc and only 2.5 percent copper
  • China was the world’s largest producer of refined zinc metal in 2017, accounting for 45% of world production
  • Zinc increased 17 USD/MT or 0.67% to 2,568 on Wednesday November 21 from 2,551 in the previous trading session. Historically, Zinc reached an all time high of 4603 in November of 2006 and a record low of 176.37 in September of 1962.